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Our traveling notary services

Sharp Signing operates as a mobile notary across Washington and nationwide with remote notary services.
Nationwide Loan Signing and General Notary Services
We partner with real estate and escrow agents, loan officers, bankers, and attorneys to provide unparalleled client service.

Sharp Signing is committed to delivering reliable, accurate document and signature verification for a broad range of applications. As a traveling notary service, we help professionals provide their clients with convenience during seamless document signings.

  • Seller or Buyer Documents

    Inspection and verification of documents and signatures for property transfers.

  • Reverse Mortgage Documents

    Get a diligent, patient review of your reverse mortgage with deeds and notes.

  • Refinance

    We verify the refinance document and required signatures.

  • Remote Online Notarizations

    Where allowed, we provide remote notary services for unparalleled convenience.

  • Quit Deed Claim Documents

    Get quit deed claim document review without the expense of an attorney.

  • Verification on Oath Certificate

    Verified affirmation of document contents, certified by our notaries.

  • Affirmation

    Certification of statements and spoken pledges attesting to facts.

  • Loan Application and Modification

    Get prompt and convenient service for small documents for streamlined loans.

  • Acknowledgements

    Convenient sworn statements for signature verification.

  • Home Equity Lines of Credit

    Establish your HELOC on your schedule with a mobile notary.

  • E-signings

    We eliminate the hassle of paperwork from your documents.

  • Will

    Validate your will to protect your final wishes with our expert notaries.

  • Witness

    Our notaries can appear as witnesses when required by certain documents.

Reliable Puget Sound traveling notary services
We proudly serve clients across Washington and nationwide as a Nexsys-certified remote notary.